2 hours of burn down 1.93 million yuan of false smoke
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Proposal value 1235 1.93 million yuan false smoke, commit to the flames!

Yesterday, monopolistic bureau holds tobacco of Pan Jin city this city the activity selling cigarette with the most large-scale throughout history, amount of false smoke of destroy by melting or burning most, value is the greatest! Because the amount is larger, conflagration burned fully 2 hours.

Deputy director general of monopolistic bureau king expresses tobacco of Pan Jin city, once this batch of false smoke flow into the market, will cause the 110 revenue prediction of a person's luck in a given year of more than. In addition, in the manufacturing process of false smoke, use recipe contains harmful and chemical material, to consumer healthy jeopardize generation.

King deputy director general reminds complete province dweller, The Spring FestivalWill come, activity of dealer of each district false smoke is rampant, when hope consumer is buying smoke must pie-eyed avoid to be decieved.

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