Dalian the first batch of undergraduates " village official " will arise
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One village of Dalian city “UndergraduatePlan ” took an examination of collection job 10 days to enter the most intense spot interview phase, the person above average that 308 written examination assess is in city of area of 8 experience farming of our city 11 examination room of the county attended spot interview, among them the most outstanding 150 people will become ” of official of village of “ of the first batch of undergraduates of our city.

It is reported, last year in December the middle ten days of a month, the our city organized ” of official of village of “ of undergraduate of county of city of area of 8 experience farming of whole town to center an exam to sign up, share 792 people to sign up and passed examine and verify, include a Master 5 people, undergraduate course 396 people, three-year institution of higher learning 391 people. Last year December the last ten-day of a month, 725 among themGinsengAdded the written examination that holds in school of Dalian light industry. Pass the intense contend of written examination, service center of obtain employment of city college graduate from 792 “ an undergraduate plans one village in examinee of ” written examination, according to 2: The scale of 1 is preferred choose 308 person that above average, undertook spot interview yesterday.

The reporter understands, to ensure the publicity of this second interview, equal, preferred principle, the our city is in Gan Jing child county of city of area of 8 experience farming comprised city of inn of city of inn of area of area, golden state division, brigade read smoothly, developing zone, tile-roofed house, Pu Lan, Zhuang He city and long sea county group of officer of 11 interview take an examination ofing, the member that each interview takes an examination of an official to comprise checks the detail in government-owned group by interview of county of each area cityCommunal1 person comprises the checks 2 people of government-owned and be careful in one's conduct of record of area city county, censorial branch supervisor that checks the detail in 5 people of government-owned, city. Before this,

According to introducing, after interview ends, will press from inside interview qualification personnel admit by examination the plan decides to low classify forehead from high component 150 join check-up staff. At the appointed time, branch of human affairs of county of each area city will inform directly join check-up staff, inform check-up specific arrangements. Interview qualification staff is playing anounce area city county assessment, check-up andGroomHind, in city will in January the bottom organizes “ one village grooms before hillock of an undergraduate ” and seeing-off ceremony.
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