6 years policy of estate adjusting control will be fulfilled this year reach the
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Experience built the join forces of ministry, Central Bank and wealth tax section to adjust 2006, ground of complicated and confusing of Chinese estate market is entered 2007.

Daily of the first finance and economics reported whether estate market has appeared on Feburary 2 bubble, whether can house price fall 2007, government whether does add give grand attune measure? Around these problems, " daily of the first finance and economics " special a few days ago with construction ministry estate of former director of real estate department, China reachs residential seminar standing vice-chairman Zhang Yuanduan had a conversation.

" daily of the first finance and economics " : Review 2006 real estate situation, are you made why to judge?

Zhang Yuanduan: I feel current to estate market situation is very good.

“ calls before one paragraph of ceaseless someone decline ” estate market, say Chinese building city wants “ to break down ” , etc. But in macroscopical adjusting controlPolicyguide below, building city breaks down without “ not only ” , and remain develop steadily. Begin from 2003, increase rate of our country economy is quickened on 10 % platform all the time. Below such macroscopical setting, chinese building city can develop steadily necessarily.

Experience tells us, estate investment growth increases for GDP double the left and right sides is advisable. And 2006 GDPAmplitudeFor 10.7 % , and estate development invests one thousand six hundred and forty-one billion six hundred million yuan, grow 24% compared to the same period, basically match.

With 2006 1 to data of countrywide estate market looked November, countrywide commodity house sells an area 460 million square metre, grow 12% compared to the same period. Whole nation of the corresponding period finishs land to develop a face to accumulate 198 million square metre, grow 38.1% compared to the same period.

Additional, from May 2006 the portion begins, area of countrywide building empty place keeps basically stable.

These a few respects showed the boom of building city did not decline last year.

" daily of the first finance and economics " : Since building city boom is not decreased, how should evaluate so 2006 the effect of macroscopical adjusting control of estate?

Zhang Yuanduan: With compare before, this macroscopical adjusting control has estate two big characteristics: It is to want take temporary solution already, more want an effect a permanent cure, from go up at all proceed with will stabilize
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