Commercial site plans to research a report
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Commercial site plans to research a report
Site of business of —— state city plans to make an on-the-spot investigation group

Came 9 days on July 8, with deputy director general of bureau of city business affairs Wang Xiaoya is a group leader, the site of state city business that silver of Bao Zhong of deputy mayor of government of people of happy event of Wu Qiao of vice director of city National People's Congress, city is assistant group leader plans (the following abbreviation plans) make an on-the-spot investigation jointly the group is right the city end a surname of —— of unit of red flag of program of site of Hunan Province commerce, got favorable result. Report concerned case as follows now:
One, the experience with two successful ground
1, prominent leader takes seriously, ensure constituent safeguard is strong. Continent city is in city of a surname bottom and individual plant the program holds an organization closely in work out process safeguard is strong this is crucial, each job is able to roll out quickly in the round. According to Shang Jianfa of ministry of national Department of Commerce, construction [2004]18 date " the announcement that business of town of city of level of good about making land plans to work " spirit, report of bureau of two ground business affairs reachs the designated position in time, the height that causes two ground municipal Party committee, municipal government takes seriously. Mayor of city of a surname bottom call-overs personally, by seasoned municipal government deputy secretary-general Yang Jianjun is a group leader, “ ” basically heads 4 authority for adviser, director of bureau of city business affairs, city program bureau is the leader group of assistant group leader, in bureau of city business affairs market control place created the office, concentration handles official bussiness, gave on funds support energetically. City of individual plant continent arranges funds 700 thousand yuan, already appropriate 600 thousand yuan; City of a surname bottom arranges funds 600 thousand yuan, already appropriate funds 460 thousand yuan, two city gave sufficient safeguard on funds. In August 2004, city of a surname bottom is in municipal mansion house on 5 standing conferences, special subject studies work out of commercial site program works, establish with respect to working measure, leading group, program fixed position, duty delimits classify respect forms resolution. City of individual plant continent is held 3 times municipal Party committee, municipal government basically leads the meeting of job of staff job pre-construction that attend, the work out that plans for commercial site provided strong leadership and constituent safeguard.
2, outstanding branch is close together cooperation, ensure the job is advanced smoothly. Commercial site plans to regard a city as the one part of overall planning, weave and carry out good program to need a government departmental door cooperates closely. The commercial site that city of individual plant continent established to wait for 11 branches to comprise greatly by labour of bureau of city business affairs, plan, program, land, finance, city building, individual plant continent plans to weave leader group, a surname bottom by municipal government dispatch, transfer from concerned branch and unit technical staff forms the office, specific time plans and divide the work, in investigation, research, revise wait for link, strengthened with hair change appoint, the many branches such as construction bureau, industrial and commercial bureau, land bureau, house property bureau are harmonious, seek an opinion in time, those who get them cooperate with support.
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