Reform of Agriculture Bank share-holding system begins formally
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Chinese agriculture bank announced on Feburary 1, the Agriculture Bank begins share-holding system reform formally.

The Agriculture Bank changes the core that make is become joint-stock company by present state-owned and solely invested commercial bank. Agriculture Bank already proceed finance affairs recombines, design of structure of legal person processing is made with superintendency plan wait for the job. Financial audit works will in Feburary the bottom is finished. Manpower resource reform will be in second half of the year is pushed in complete travel this year. But, in reform of this share-holding system the Agriculture Bank will not cut depletion of numbers into parts to be versed in. Because there is policy sex business already on Agriculture Bank history, have self-supporting business again, of the bad assets that the outside pays close attention to generally come off still just do not have at present case come on stage.

With other 3 banks change different is, superintendency branch besides put forward to the Agriculture Bank with its 3 his banks include core capital euqally to be led amply outside must amounting to the 7 big core such as mark to superintend index, agriculture Bank change increased service “ 3 farming the ” , demand that supports prefectural region economy.

” of a file puts forward central “ deepen rural finance reform

” of a file puts forward “ in the center of 2007 should deepen a country to be reformed integratedly, advance rural other innovation as a whole, the backbone in rural finance mixes bank of bank of agriculture of farther play China, Chinese agriculture development pillar action.

Solve good agriculture, country and farmer problem, the Chongzhongzhi that is Chinese government job all the time is heavy. But look always, rural finance remains the weakest link in whole banking system, the structure that highlights expression to be rural finance and run the flaw with mechanism serious existence, orgnaization site is little, product and service sheet are first-class.

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