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New business signs up for dispatch yesterday, city disappear assist reported the industry of our city supermarket that heard last year to complain a circumstance. According to statistic, last year Dalian city disappear assist, 12315 systems accept Dalian city industrial and commercial bureau to be complained about the consumption of supermarket respect in all 1857, show ascendant trend. Before complaining phyletic seniority 5 is food (the amount is maximum, add up to 784) , mobile phone, small home appliance, shoe and dress.

The 6 big main questions that supermarket industry consumer complains:

One, large supermarket complains concentration, question of ripe food, cake, convenient cover, mobile phone, small home appliance is more.

It is by before complaining quantity seniority 5 supermarket:

1. Domestic Le Fu 335, rose last year compared to the same period 10. 2 % .

2. Wo Erma 266, rose last year compared to the same period 27. 2 % .

3. Happy buy 250, rose last year compared to the same period 19. 6 % .

4. China couplet 198, rose last year compared to the same period 1. 9 % .

5. Good 172 many, rose last year compared to the same period 31. 1 % .

2, food quality problem is most, occupy complain gross close half.

Main problem has: There is a foreign body in food, the eyewinker has Cha of bead ring, stone, glass, butt, fingernail, polybag, fly, cockroach to wait; Food expires degenerative, basically center in ripe meat products, dairy produce, cake, still exist similar the phenomenon that resembles fade of laver, black rice; The weight of food and not agree with actually or not agree with with outer packing, basically wait in food of sea product, bulk centrally.

3, it is difficult that 3 packets of regulations carry out the mobile phone.

Exaggerated mobile phone appears in the sale bide one's time time and all sorts of functions, some mobile phones that publicize him place sale even bide his time for many hours 200; Nonperformance appears in after service or fulfill 3 packets of regulations not completely, consumer has maintenance log to accord with remove 3 packets of machine, provisions that change machine or free maintenance, but operator refuses or unjustifiable and protracted.

4, after service of home appliance, small home appliance cannot get safeguard.

Main problem centers in: The maintenance after the newspaper is repaired is not seasonable; Maintenance hind does not do maintenance log; Guarantee period inside maintenance collection serves cost; Do not return money inside the time of 3 packets of regulations, not exchange goods; Time of the maintenance that return a factory is too long wait. Even mobile phones of some sale commodities from abnormal channel, forge the illegal behavior such as other producing area.
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