Iron of Beijing west station alarm seize 89 18 days " ticket dealer "
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Xinhua net Beijing on Feburary 6 report (reporter Tang Shaoming) the reporter learns from Beijing railroad police: Up to on Feburary 5, public security of Beijing west station paragraph the ticket falls in blow in special processing operation, 18 days arrest person of ”89 of “ ticket dealer in all, hunt down ticket 261 pieces, total value is 58000 multivariate.

On January 28, duan Tie of public security of Beijing west station alarm discovery, guilty suspect Peng Mou makes work in square of north of Beijing west station 20 windows bought ticket office a large number of ticket. Via checking, this person and elder brother's wife of its elder brother in north

On Feburary 1 15 when 40 minutes, tie Jingyang got the better of 旻 of peak, Li Xiao to discover Peng Mou again in the square austral Beijing west station. This answers him one-time tickets of 21 pieces of semi-cushioned berth sleeping car that bought west station of station of near future Beijing, Beijing to send and other places of past Suzhou, Chinese mouth, Huhhot, iron alarm seize its on the spot, hunt down the train ticket receipt that orders partly.

2 days 10 when much, iron alarm when square of north of Beijing west station is perambulatory, 50 pieces of when discover 9807 yuan to guilty suspect Li Mou purchased value trains that arrive a passenger are hard, soft, ticket of semi-cushioned berth sleeping car, discover the receipt of the train ticket that order in his hand bag. Li Mou admits what for Heibei sweet river employee of some furniture city buys to ticket is him, every pieces are about to increase price 15 - 20 yuan have buy in and sell at a profit. Original, li Mou of 41 years old lives in county of Heibei sweet river this year, he drives everyday go there and back at Beijing and sweet river, buy and ticket of buy in and sell at a profit. 3 days, guilty suspect Li Mou is given by place of Beijing railroad public security criminal is detained lawfully.

According to public security of Beijing west station paragraph brave of end length Yao introduces, spring during carry, public security of Beijing west station paragraph be aimed at tendercy of activity of ” of “ ticket dealer, decided “ strictlies observe position, control is circumjacent, the blow of the ” outside making a valve, consolidate measure, and deploy is made public and civilian clothes alarm force rigor guards south, change trains of office of ticket of boreal carry out, underground signs place and on the west square temporarily booking office, uphold the order that buy a ticket. Dot of illegal be commissioned to sell sth reachs the train ticket that in the light of the society center of rental room, hotel, restaurant, business affairs exists concealment the ticket falls on the net with stronger sex, mechanism of Beijing railroad public security returns the law that passes according to photograph, code, want discovery to be banned stoutly only.
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