Source of before the Spring Festival 3 days of tickets is nervous
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New business signs up for dispatch yesterday is 2007 the highest peak of ticket of carry out of railroad spring carry, 8 when make, before the reporter will to Dalian railway station see the window that opens to booking the 10th day of train ticket, discharge removed long dragon, a the seniorest team has 138 people fully unexpectedly! Introduce according to controller of passenger transport of Dalian railway station, mu Si of Qiqihaer, beautiful, change, the ticket source of the direction such as Jilin, Chinese mouth is more nervous, the passenger goes out to had better choose extra passenger train more all right. Dalian railway station already applied for to add passenger flow height to center the extra passenger train of circuit to the concerned branch such as the railway ministry at present, the near future is about to leave row.

The reporter comes to the front of a team, see the guests that buy a ticket are very intense look at wicket mouth anxiously, adagio forward move, unpleasant attack by surprise is tired out on the face. “ my preparation buys the ticket of 15 beautiful Mu Si, annual the Spring Festival comes home, most those who have a headache is a ticket, I was not bought yesterday in the morning at 7 o'clock more, I queued up today at 3 o'clock more. The Xiaosun that ” will come to work more than 4 years repeatedly to spring carry buys a train ticket to say he has some of “ spellbound ” , conversation while still keep the tiptoe since stand on tiptoe is wait-and-see. Zhang Yang also is 1 when come to a railway station, he tells a reporter: “ unit does not let early come home, can drive a height to go only, spend the New Year to also have to come home, do not have method, a few more painstaking for the train ticket that come home ah. ” reporter notices, because some passengers are long queue up and physical strength is not raised, sit on the ground to wait simply. The Liu father's elder brother that bringing platelet stool to discharge one night team buys two pieces of train tickets that go to Beijing from the window, his agitato tells a reporter: “ I from last night much at 8 o'clock discharged, buy a ticket, whats are worth! ”

Be aimed at a passenger increasing, the railway station has opened 48 all windows carry out bill entirely, staff member of all railway station is full mount guard, partial staff member can sleep 1 hour or so only. Introduce according to controller of railway station passenger transport, spring highest peak day is in carry passenger flow 14 days, 15 days, 16 days, source of all number ticket all extraordinary tension, the passenger transport highest peak that suggests the passenger gives a best escape 3 days this. The passenger goes out row had better not preciosity number, give a time best basis circumstance of railroad ticket source is reasonable arrangement.
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