Card of public transportation IC is brushed by accident for many times
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Supervisory phone is dialed be illogical, be coincidence? Reporter Xue Lin is photographed

On congested bus, ms. Lv is squeezed to the car to carry by machine, abrupt Di Di rings ceaseless beside, in the driver remind below, the card taking a car that Ms. Lv just knows her already was brushed by accident do not know how many times. Situation is urgent in she reacts the first times even if receive a few yuan of ready money from inside the passenger hand that gets on a car, be informed by the driver this is deregulation later, she is written down rapidly again get off the supervisory phone that go up, who knows a dozen discovery is spacing … unexpectedly…

Brush card not to know to be solved how by accident

On Feburary 2 morning 9 when, station of park of Ms. Lv Cong Xinle takes 405 buses to go to work, already squeezed so that did not manage plant one's foot in railroad car at that time, ms. Lv is squeezed to the car to carry the chance that brush card by. When the car goes near road of bright red chess, ms. Lv heard have the sound that brushs card, dan Sihao did not think of the card that is his, the driver reminds her later: Your card is brushing “ all the time. ” she just draws out card rapidly. Ms. Lv tells a reporter, at this moment she already did not know card to brush how many times, she remembers original Kaliyao having 20 only multivariate money, hind via confirming already remnant is less than 10 yuan of money. She discusses with the driver, can from hind money of the contact in the passenger hand that gets on a car, after refusing, ms. Lv settles way because of cannot be being found temporarily, wrote down supervisory telephone call.

Supervisory phone is spacing unexpectedly

Remembered car name, have a driver again remind, ms. Lv thinks look for a money to come easy to do. Who knows her to dial supervisory telephone 86600807 hind, “ comes out to I am sorry unexpectedly inside, the number that you dial is nonexistent the sound of ” . How can supervisory phone be spacing?

That day 12 when 45 minutes or so, the Dalian that Ms. Lv searched 405 bus place to belong to again connects constant phone of control room of public traffic limited company. A lady replies, if Ms. Lv can find that driver, and if the driver is willing to prove for her, she is OK the money that recapture brushs more. Ms. Lv says, of unexpected is, the other side does not have any meanings that provide a help, speak car name in her for instance hind, help look for a driver.

Company answer refund 10 yuan

The day before yesterday in the morning, the reporter contacted Dalian to connect constant a staff member of ministry of operation of security of public traffic limited company. He tells a reporter, if the passenger encounters Ms. Lv,this is planted circumstance, best can multiply arrive when second car terminus, search below the driver's proof attemper, carry through the car machine the date that examine card, resumptive the money that brushs more. Like Ms. Lv this is planted circumstance, because time is protracted, the car carries machine already checked do not come out to brush how many money by accident. The reporter emphasizes, such, because supervise a phone,also be it is spacing is mixed attemper personnel reminds ability not in time to cause, responsibility is absent passenger. The staff member expresses to be able to reply again after investigation.
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