Microsoft will push Vienna of next generation operating system 2009
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Windows Vista retail edition is rolled out still be less than a month, microsoft been beginninging to talk about the operating system “Vienna” with its big the next (Vienna) planned.

Ben Fathi of vice president of department of career of Microsoft operating system expresses, microsoft user and business partner predict to come 2 years in 2 years will get issueing Vienna of generation operating system in the time of half.

So far, microsoft still concerns the detail of Vienna without exposure, also did not explain next this generation operating systems can bring what profit to the user. Nevertheless, still have a few thread. Microsoft releases Windows Vista last month when, silent of Er of Bao of · of presiding apparitor Steve introduced Microsoft Microsoft hopes to see in operating system class more inside buy supports a function.

Baoermo says, the even much logarithm word recreational that the demand of communication and IT continuity confluence and consumer will ask the operating system offers current Vista supports. All these businesses are growing. Operating system need and when all is entered.

The analyst expresses, microsoft needs to be Vienna or the operating system of other future increases more sufficient graph user interface, if support feeling,screen and speech start computation to wait.

Vienna won't resemble its elder probably be a center with the client in that way, however more it is like table computer and Microsoft plan under Windows Live plan a passageway between offerred many service. These services of Microsoft include search, email and gregarious network tool.

The direction of a development that this is Microsoft escape Google and competition of manufacturer of other Web 2.0. Ray Ozzie of presiding software stylist ever expressed Microsoft last year in June, develop ahead, microsoft must establish our overall product and service from online join and compose of final user angle. In other words, vienna, is not Vista, perhaps break away from the slick way of Windows truly on behalf of Microsoft. (He Zi)

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