Time-out ends the ticket is issued
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To stablize state of insecurity of the capital before the section, the Central Bank announced what pause Yu Benzhou Central Bank bill to issue yesterday.

Center ticket suspends issueing, it is to alleviate pitch of intensity of fund of the market before the section. According to what the Central Bank releases in open market the 4th announcement says this year, this week suspends central bank bill issueing. Because the Central Bank stops capital steam again, this week will have 133 billion capital to release. Among them, the bill of Central Bank of a huge sum that there are 130 billion yuan today expires cash.

Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, to stablize state of insecurity of the capital before the section, the Central Bank is counter-purchased likely still through going against in this week wait for means to put in capital to the market.

Look from the history, a week before the Spring Festival often is the period with the most tight financing in a year. Before this, what silver-colored behavior answers enterprise and individual is frequent carry show demand, want to reduce capital to tear open a behavior not only, and enter capital to have sufficient liquidity is torn open in great quantities from the market even, make supply of integral capital market decreases thereby, demand is increased. And yesterday, this one financing is tight because state criterion is sure in safety new get online issue by farther aggravate.

Yesterday, capital became the market to go up to tighten spruce “ commodity ” most. That day, the market is counter-purchased to increase advantageous position between the bank level of average interest rate exceeds 4% , achieved since 2000 new tall; Among them 1 day waits for 4 to 21 days medium, short-term counter-purchase breed increase advantageous position average yield relatively before one trade sun rises 62 base point on average. 7 days when regard the market as vane of short-term fund value are counter-purchased increase advantageous position level of average interest rate rises to 4.5989% , achieved the since history end November 1998 new tall. And 21 days of 14 day, interest rate levels that counter-purchase with a month also wrote down the new record since 2000.

However of fund value rise, do not be equal to capital to be able to furnish in great quantities. Yesterday, the market is counter-purchased to clinch a deal between the bank although the quantity achieves 211.5 billion yuan, but with the history November 13 was compared high newly last year low still about 50 billion yuan. Same, on structure of financing short-term loan, 1 day is counter-purchased occupied round-the-clock of 60% clinch a deal quantity, and deadline grows slightly and 7 days when just can cross a red-letter day are counter-purchased not only not to the limit of one's capacity, still appeared to shrink quantity. Apparent, the bank still has apparent cherish to borrow behavior to crossing section capital.
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