Democratic Progressive Party 4 days of big Wang Chengnuo
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(Taipei dispatch) primary election of president of Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party is harmonious gain headway, su Zhenchang, Xie Changting, Lv Xiulian and You Xikun participate a person 4 times to agree to accept the day before yesterday harmonious, sign affirmatory book, if cannot become candidate of president of Democratic Progressive Party,assure, also won't violate discipline or take off dangshen to choose.

4 people also agree with controversy of go ahead of the rest, controversy frequency and means can attend a meeting by middling decision, collect civilian attune or Party member vote to talk things over all right again after all as to controversy hind. According to this consensus, controversy hind still does not eliminate to hold a Party member to poll, form did not eliminate to produce presidential candidate with primary election means together. Alleged the acceptance that 4 tycoons all agree with to coordinate whether fulfil, still leave foreshadowing.

According to " sign up for jointly " report, this is overnight of Taiwan president Chen Shuibian 4 days of big king go to 2 degrees of invite to meet together presidential government office talks things over within the party presidential primary election, the consensus that all previous classics reachs after two hours.

Chen Shuibian last week 5 first invite to meet together registers 4 days of big Wang Xie that enter presidential primary election to move, the hope avoids a Party member to poll, in advance produces Democratic Progressive Party, vice president candidate, but contend for because of what You Xikun of chairman of Democratic Progressive Party thinks 4 people have a line, insist to want primary election program, fail to reach consensus.

Overnight at 9 o'clock, chen Shuibian moves to coordinate again, 4 days of big king gain consensus eventually. Personage attending the meeting also agrees to be united by Chen Jimai of deputy secretary-general of presidential government office make a speech external, avoid recurrent 4 situations that participate person a group of people of same interest to put a word severally.

You Xikun of chairman of Democratic Progressive Party expressed yesterday, satisfied to the result. He says, the line debate that he holds and “ 2 differ want ” to suggest (namely “ classics is harmonious, the person that did not give a clue finally, won't apostate also won't participate a president, and should main complementary the candidate ” that chooses a party) obtain president and candidate self-identity, make a person gratified, to uniting within the party cooperation and prospective general election have the sense of positive obverse side.

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