Money of cent of the 2nd RMB paper of our country stops since April 1 current
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1953 edition RMB a minute of currency is soft (the data pursues)

1953 edition RMB 2 minutes of currency are soft (the data pursues)

1953 edition RMB 5 minutes of currency are soft (the data pursues)

Take the candy of money one minute, drink the soda water of dichotomy money, the ice-lolly …… that tastes 5 minutes of money divides the days of money this kind to will stay in memory forever with paper. Inside city each bank says yesterday, press Central Bank demand, paper cent money stops since tomorrow current.

Paper divides money to retreat city entirely

The bank inside city says, the Central Bank issued announcement last year in September, the decision rises from April 1, 2007, stop the 2nd RMB paper to distribute money in the market current, specific certificate was not 1953 5 minutes of edition soft, 2 minutes soft with 1 minute soft.

Chinese people bank held water on December 1, 1948 up to now, our country issued 5 RMBs early or late, as a result of the 3rd, 4, 5 RMBs all did not issue paper to distribute money, so the 2nd RMB paper distributes money retreat city, indicating paper cent money is fast exit a citizen to live.

If the 2nd RMB paper divides citizen hold money, the financial orgnaization that can appoint to the Central Bank since tomorrow undertakes changing. In addition, the follow on current of afterwards of hard cent money of the 2nd RMB is connected.

The citizen is changed rarely

“ you are will the first times seek advice from the citizen that changes paper to distribute money. ” yesterday afternoon 1 when make, when the reporter seeks advice from paper to divide currency situation with citizen identity, subbranch of a bank of the level ground austral the Construction Bank rides staff member of dragon savings bank to say, do not have a citizen to change paper to distribute money to this before, also take horny money to change paper to distribute money without the citizen.

Personage of branch of Construction Bank Chongqing says, the add exchange labor that began paper to divide money to retreat city on October 1 from last year is made up to now, before very rare citizen is taking paper to distribute money, go changing, although have,also be a few misshapen paper distributes money. Personage of travel Chongqing branch also confirms in, go changing paper to distribute money before very rare now citizen.
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