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Be exposed in Shanghai RMB the social security fund of 3.2 billion is violated after compasses use scandal, guangzhou municipal government admits to have more than 1 billion yuan the day before yesterday (RMB, similarly hereinafter, about 200 million 3.6 million new yuan) social security fund by divert. Mayor Zhang Anning expresses, if cannot be recovered by the social security fund of divert, municipal government will employ finance “ to bury odd ” , anyhow ensures join the interest that keeps a person won't loss.

Guangzhou town work and Cui Renquan of director of social security bureau, the Guangdong that investigate fund of Guangzhou social security to supervise a case the day before yesterday ahead saves Huang Li of director of standing committee of National People's Congress to be reported completely, as a result of ” of “ history reason, up to “ of city of the Guangzhou end 1999 outer battalion carries the social security fund of ” amounts to 18 million yuan 1 billion. Zhu Xiaodan of secretary of Guangzhou municipal Party committee and mayor Zhang Anning, also attended this survey forum.

According to introducing, authorities employs balance of social security fund to invest the project that battalion carries to have 25, among them 19 projects already adopted law to handle, involve fund 13 million yuan 800 million, 90% what hold divert fund. Last year, guangzhou municipal government calls in the endowment insurance fund that outer battalion carries 9.6 million yuan 100 million, inductrial injury fund 53 million yuan 200 million. Up to this year Feburary, the endowment insurance fund that Guangzhou city still has 60 million yuan 600 million and fund of 27 million yuan inductrial injury insurance did not call in.

” of “ history reason is caused

Social security fund was not called in

Cui Renquan did not explain further is ” of reason of what “ history after all cause fund of this social security to was not called in, emphasize Guangzhou municipal government taking seriously very much only seek the social security fund that receives outer battalion use, take the lead to correct a knock off to make leader group about sectional composition each by the deputy mayor, be in charge of a knock off of social security fund making, make reclaim practically plan, do his utmost to redeem the loss of social security fund.

Zhang Anning expresses, the Guangzhou general processing according to national audit arrange complaint handling; If social security fund cannot be recovered, fill opening of fill a vacancy by reserve of social insurance risk. “ keeps a person to joining we are completely responsible, the benefit that won't yield them gets loss. ” it is reported, guangzhou risk reserve already accumulative total achieves 1.1 billion yuan.
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