Medicines and chemical reagents depreciates continuously
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Medicines and chemical reagents depreciates continuously, a lot of citizens are right however this sniff, reflecting drug price in succession is to fall, but where is common people material benefit? What inter cause trouble be after all? in the examination yesterday, branch of hospital, patient, director spoke among them mystery.

Depreciate continuously general medicine is bought hard

Because medicines and chemical reagents depreciates continuously, make medicine of a few general is bought hard, make a lot of hospitals helpless, hope medicine is promoted sigh. Dalian medical university is accessary Shang Xinjiang of director of division of drug of the first hospital mirrors: A few general of “ medicine depreciates range is too big, the price is too low, press with respect to what calculate inventory depreciate annul, manufacturer also is not willing, answer to remove drug by the ticket normally originally, but the patient cannot stop with medicine, we insist to sell, but afraid is after this manufacturer the likelihood stops to offer money, the general medicine that causes individual variety very easily so breaks archives ” .

Medical name is too much do not know to depreciate

Country for price of common people drug so fall, still some of consumer report looks less than, do not have a feeling, this also has very big concern with the name of medicines and chemical reagents among them. The country depreciates those who announce is chemical name, and many medicines and chemical reagents call commodity the name. For instance stable piece call the ground Xi Pan again; Glycerine fructose norms is the calm making luck of 250ml, norms is the calm making gain of 500ml, some akin medicine change formal name 56 trade name, accordingly, average patient is familiar with quite and be used to commodity name, if go painful piece, gastropine, stable piece etc, and do not know chemical name, so if not little medicines and chemical reagents is not commonly used often buy, buy suddenly namely a feeling that did not depreciate at all, appeared so what manufacturer, agency, medicine thinks the price falls is too low, and the condition that consumer patient did not experience again.

The supplier stops for importing medicine

Depreciate this, the injection of person blood albumin in resembling 354 kinds of drug, norms is 10g×50ml a bottle of original price is 319. 70 yuan, fall this it is 259 yuan, because announce the delegate that is this kind of norms only to taste, no matter be homebred,still be an entrance that is to say, want to implement this price. And every price that imports from Spain is 320 yuan, top retail price is 366. 70 yuan, carry out likewise homebred every raise 259 yuan, receive commodity price repeatedly short of, press namely homebred 319 before depreciating. 70 yuan serve as retail price also under purchase price, and this kind of medicines and chemical reagents is surgical operation and the drug that a lot of hospitals use surely, under purchase price, the supplier won't supply drug of course. A lot of hospitals of our city raised this question. As we have learned, concerned branch already changed to national hair appoint report, the near future will get settlement.
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