Product of travel of Spring Festival golden week goes heat
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New business signs up for dispatch to will greet a warm Spring Festival this year, spring Festival golden week will predict even the number to will reach a new peak. Yesterday, the reporter is in deploy of job of Spring Festival golden week and travel safety worked 2007 the spot understands on the meeting, city tourism bureau rolled out product of travel of 60 many winter this year, circuitry of travel of many 30 high-quality goods, attract global tourist to had connected the Spring Festival. Can go up in the spot, deputy mayor Sun Antian puts forward the Chongzhongzhi that safety is job of Spring Festival travel to weigh, be on guard the security that brings wave ski field experience to each relevant unit made promotion.

As we have learned, hot spring, ski, shop the leading role that remains golden week of Spring Festival travel. Besides before winter 3S project, the spot yesterday is met on, deputy mayor Sun Antian returned specially to inspect ice and snow swims this year the village of antarctic fairy tale of marine park of familial beach of tiger of Dalian of fresh blood ——— . Village of antarctic fairy tale studies antarctic family the station not only reductive to Dalian, still gave off the arctic animal such as penguin, sea lion and tourist to be contacted intimately, pull used off-season guest flow.

Besides winter 3S project, the Spring Festival golden week this year is other travel circuitry also is extraordinary splendour confused is shown. Tourists can lie fallow in Cheng Lai grange, Gan Jing child inside the big canopy of the fruit that turn over season such as fork saddle village, feel vernal sense ahead of schedule; Also can start wine culture museum to big company commander, the industrial travel tourist attraction such as limited company of science and technology of Dalian Luming irradiation, be in recreational while the glamour that experiences knowledge; In addition, boundless blessing of “ of meeting, developing zone enters the firework cracker winter jasmine that has Dalian distinguishing feature the circuitry of many 30 high-quality goods such as activity of pleasance of 10 thousand ” , buy variety for add lustre to of golden week of travel of Dalian Spring Festival.

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