The teacher is decorated " wash a foot to mom " the child comes home want servic
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Before holiday of report from our correspondent comes, gan Jing child the activity that the classmaster of a class of Ou Mou elementary school sponsorred “ to wash crural ” to mom. Mirror according to a few parents that live in school periphery, “ washed the activity of crural ” to had continued several years to mom, want the class that is this teacher belt only, the affirmation in holiday can assign a such tasks.
The ” that wash a foot says the assignment and divide “ nevertheless, when everybody is small, mom does not know how to much had washed to wash a foot to us, number is incomputable, ask children give mom to wash a foot during have a holiday only now, it is so easy to appear and be done not have. Be in yesterday Gan Jing child on the seminar that “ of Ou Mou community advocates middle and primary school to give birth to ” of give presents parents, community staff member undertakes field survey to the pupil of area under administration temporarily. Among the pupil that be present, having ten is the student that this school joins “ to wash crural ” activity to mom, at present the market day of the first call together of holiday had gone, the classmate handle that says when community staff member “ has washed a foot to mom is raised come ” when, only a girl of foremost platoon raised a hand. The staff member of community asks her to appear on the stage to talk about impressions repeatedly, this pupil does not agree to appear on the stage from beginning to end.
Be in at this moment, raise one's hand of a boy quizs to the teacher of to make a speech: Does excuse me give presents parents need “ after all how are we done? This teacher is laughing at ” to say: “ your problem is very real, can when you have a thing, you want to leave mom? Can critical juncture think of mom? Are you the activity that organized to wash a foot to mom? Can you wash mom's foot clean? Can you make soap well? Knead well? ” this boy is red face sat down. The pupil that remain hears “ washs crural ” 2 words the whole room burst into laughter, the reporter is faint heard “ smelly ah ” , “ still makes soap ah such ” word.
A community worker that takes by the reporter shakes shake one's head say, oneself child reads with respect to the class that ever took in this teacher. Have a holiday that year, the teacher can go up in the parent warn the parent, had decorated “ child to wash the activity of crural ” to mom, hope parent goes back supervisory child is finished. “ I come home ask when the child washs a foot to me, the child reachs a hand actually, say ‘ labor is about to have pay, you must give me money ’ , I gave her 5 horn money, she just washed crural ” to me. This community staff member expresses, all housework that the child does in the home now have pay completely, wash bowl of 2 horn money for instance, wash a foot to parents 5 horn money.
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