Li Ming went to national group to report for duty in March
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Report from our correspondent introduced according to club of real moral character recently, on Feburary 10 the left and right sides will have 3 foreign aids to arrive at Pu Jiang to accept real moral character to try train, club of real moral character brings the progress of aid respect to support cautious hopeful attitude to this.

These 3 foreign aids are the foreign aid that real moral character makes the lock in aid program the 2nd set decide, they are a forward of effectiveness Sweden league matches and an avant-courier respectively, and a forward that is Congo. Introduce according to Lin Lefeng of general manager of club of real moral character, these 3 foreign aids are dealing with the formalities that comes to China, nevertheless they promise agent to come to China to look merely, and did not express those who accept line of real moral character clearly to try train. According to introducing, having among them is to come from the country with black a place of strategic importance foot, actual strength is stronger.

Dalian real moral character will undertake with Liaoning team on Feburary 13 a warm up is surpassed, contest of this warm up is test the main opportunity of these foreign aids, return Dalian to cross the Spring Festival in team of 15 days of real moral character, the time trying train that gives foreign aid so has time of 34 days only.

Bishop of real yesterday moral character drills Bangfuleilei is opposite contest of before real moral character two warm up undertook summing up, he criticized team member of real moral character implicatively thanking couplet with Chengdu the condition in the 2nd match. The Bangfuleilei of mood accurate began big campaign to measure training again yesterday, one the world comes team member is whacked. Nigeria foreign aids dust ancient going up to leave Pu Jiang Saturday, lai of two Ma Fu of foreign aids A that stay temporarily and Xierwa are behaved in training more depressing, team member of real moral character is not very tall to their evaluation.

In addition, belong to the same organization of group of nation of the key on Li Ming also had a result recently. Because Li Ming of Xu Ming different idea goes the way that national group effectiveness wants to abandon the leader of a sports team of real moral character, allow him to hold the leader of a sports team of real moral character and national group part-time trainer. Li Ming will be in March national group assemble for training when go national group reports for duty.

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