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Severe winter of report from our correspondent, be slack season season, golden state division Xiang Yingzhen city on the west the chrysanthemum of the village is however inside Lan Yuan busy. The reporter saw a few days ago, about a hundred farmer moves back and forth in conservatory of bright blossomy sunshine, some is picking a flower meticulously, some give is in flower disinfection, return some cautious land will a butterfly that be in bud Lan Fang has been wrapped into wrapping paper box, assemble box type truck, vast and mighty carry goes to the airport. Village appoint conference chairman holds Zhang Shidong of director of group of Xiang Yingnong trade concurrently to tell a reporter, this batch in all butterfly of 20 thousand individual plant orchid the Xiang Yingju that will head for Japan at the same time by two charter flight base of Lan Yuan flowers, do a bit in base breed, sell in Japanese market namely, its sale price is ten times of home market.

The village has the city on the west many mus of 4000 1700 much people, land. 2002, they take the lead in executing land to become a shareholder in whole town make, establish group of Xiang Yingnong trade, by the group concentration manages land, establish chrysanthemum orchid garden, introduce the butterfly with admirable international orchid breed, be engaged in butterfly orchid technically producing. After many development, to area of conservatory of sunshine of flowers of Ying Julan garden by begun 10 thousand square metre, develop 100 thousand square metre, year produce butterfly orchid 300 much individual plant, become the throughout the country's biggest butterfly orchid to produce base, the product sells each district of past whole nation. To this, village farmer does not satisfy the city on the west, they take aim eye again to the international market, to manufacturing base is built outside the condition. Last year in September, group of Xiang Yingnong trade registered his flowers trading company in Japanese Osaka, in the name Gu Wu builds butterfly orchid to produce base. Butterfly orchid growth period 18 months, the major while that they grow butterfly orchid is put in China, wait for fortune showing pistil to go to Japan, 30 days or so are bred in base, filled florescence to arrive to appear on the market again. Made full use of not only so domestic labor natural resources, still saved flowers to export the trading link intermediate, those who realize flowers to produce beneficial result is the biggest change.

As we have learned, after the Spring Festival passes, they still will build the 2nd butterfly orchid to produce base in Japanese boiler hill. From now on, chrysanthemum orchid garden will have two charter flight every months be the same as spatio-temporal carry butterfly orchid reachs Japan, income crosses 1 million yuan.

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