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Reporter of report from our correspondent holds from yesterday 2007 municipality politics the job learns on the meeting, this year, the our city will hold to “ to face the country, job that faces basic level ” to direct, in order to solve the people's livelihood, fulfil civil rights, safeguard civilian benefit to be working masterstroke, deliverance of outstanding community construction, society, double embrace build in all, the key such as democracy of basic level of the aged career, country and infrastructure construction works.

This year, in fulfil in the round " method of deliverance of medical treatment of dweller of difficulty of Dalian city town " while, active exploration builds system of deliverance of medical treatment of rural difficult dweller, research makes a country strand method of deliverance of masses medical treatment especially, the rural difficult dweller of major to sufferring from disease gives compensatory minister, from go up at all alleviate the medical treatment of dweller of rural sicken difficulty is difficult. Deepen village Wu to manage demonstrative unit publicly to establish an activity democratically, mark is amounted to to lead 50 % above inside year, solid had done committee of the 9th villager of whole town to change a vote. The perfect and perfect provide for the aged that occupy the home is for service of foundation, community rely on, orgnaization provide for the aged is additional social provide for the aged serves a network, increase “ run by the local people fair help ” strength, make an orgnaization of stage society provide for the aged add bed newly the “ run by the local people such as one-time allowance is common help ” new policy, inside year add bed of urban and rural provide for the aged newly 2500 pieces. Love of comprehensive executive “ nurses project ” , for 8250 town especially tired old person offers the provide for the aged that occupy the home to serve allowance. Finish home of respect for the aged of 16 rural regional centers the 2nd round to build a project to wait.

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