Secondhand room intermediary explodes " make money " inside
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Changchun one secondhand room intermediary because a variety of reasons, exited secondhand room market, told about intermediary company to use “ cash to receive room ” and “ to eat the inside … that price difference ” makes money to the reporter recently…

Practise deception, sweep the deck of buying and selling

In August 2005, I what the university just graduated carry heavy interview, become be in at that time secondhand an employee of the ” of “×× estate limited company of the at the summit of one's power on room market, had an adviser of estate of position “ buy that sounds pretty good ” . The branch of ” of “×× estate company at that time spreads all over the Changchun City each are main an area, deal with is secondhand room a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is firm all the time Ju Changchun is secondhand room market head an ancient folding chair, pay pay is pretty good also, I what the society enters first am happy to can find a such jobs unceasingly.

Join a company the first day, we are allocated accept in locksmith repeatedly groom, the the three unities that I work is in Na Guanping in relief area. Leave store the first day, inn grows to take one pocket to writing “ individual to seek the small ad that buys housing ” only, let me surround Ping Yangzhou 10 villages in turn door hole is stuck, call it by a good name of lets me be familiar with village environment. I just know later, sticking small also is us one of working content of ” of these adviser of estate of alleged “ buy.

Small are stuck 10 come day, had the effect eventually, begin somebody to call ask I buy a house. Groom according to what inn grows, we go out to obtain room source is to want an individually to come to house low average, saying with company capacity next is to replace house-owner to sell Fang Zaigao price go out. Gain nods the price difference with respect to the inter.

Before seeing a room for the first time, old stuff has been explained with me before entering room, say he wants to pretend my elder brother, want to buy house marriage to me. The house-owner of the first house is a lord child, 70 come year old, the house is no problem, it is property right more renown change the name of owner in a register not quite easy to handle, a problem is far from in these person eyes that groom through estate knowledge in us of course.

To can buy the house with lower house price hand, we two people use a variety of methods to let lord child think his house sells us gift only more renown change the name of owner in a register, and we more the name also needs a lot of more beautiful money. Below the “ bomb ” that is in one time another time, lord child eventually originally already very low price fell again 5000 yuan. Spoken parts in an opera, our earn money the method is opposite with oneself namely secondhand the house that the understanding of house price goes to buying those people that do not know the price, the room that allows them to feel they sell has been a very high price.
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