Chinese government media: Rural religion be current
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Chinese government media and local politics and law are curule right western rural religion be current feels anxious, show activity of rural underground religion runs rampant to be able to be organized to certain level strive for an interest, seek spokesman, contend for political power even.

Of subordinate of Xinhua News Agency " 瞭 looks " news weekly reported recently, rural religion be current is buried to social stability issued ” of “ time bomb, in the meantime, ” of “ abroad hostile power is using masses of subterranean religion and popular feeling of contention of the Communist Party of China, contention, “ has sent existing benefit to contradict with people interior, appeal to the interest of common people beg wait for economic problem to be changed into political problem and the tendercy ” that have a hand in incident of sex of this kind of group.

Report, in recent years, shaanxi, Gansu Province and Ningxia (Shan Ganning) temple of a lunar month of 30 days of rural area of 3 provinces area already became common phenomenon. Arrive from Shaanxi Yan'an Yu forest, celebrate this world to Ningxia Xi Haigu and Gansu Province again, no matter be the road that sees from car window around village, still be the village that visits randomly, one nods jointly: “ village village has cloister, see the god is devotional ” .

Hu Tongjin of deputy director general of bureau of religion of folk of Yu forest city introduces, up to by 2005, 106 place religion places of whole town, teach office staff 120 people, have masses of 200 thousand be religious about. Temple fair activity is brisk with each passing day, the country builds temple to reach one village almost the degree of one temple.

Report cadre of basic level of share of 3 provinces division says quote, now the key of the problem is: On one hand ” of “ underground religion is fast and outspread, on one hand the government is lacked however superintend effectively, county, countryside, village 3 class information is ineffective, not clear to religious family property accumulated over a long time, some counties do not have section of special religious office management up to now even, serious existence does not have a branch canal, unmanned canal, won't the canal, problem that dare not manage.

Interesting is, shan Ganning 3 provinces area is the old base area when the Communist Party of China carries out revolution in those days, among them Yan'an more the “ bethel ” of revolution of the Communist Party of China be regardinged as. Win in revolution of the Communist Party of China unexpectedly 50 old hind, here becomes the ” of “ base area of subterranean religion activity again.

" 瞭 looks " news weekly investigates discovery, because administrative ability of the city is relative stronger, the activity of subterranean religion and evil cult appears in recent years a clear trend: To rural move. Celebrate this world with Gansu Province formerly in solid of Shaanxi Yan'an, Yu forest, Ningxia, the evil cult force such as ” of meeting ” , “ real spirit expedites “ chela propagator walks along a village to string together a “ evangelize ” in the country, concealment the activity is frequent, concerned branch is hit hard and control.
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