China plans to build oil company obligation to lay in a system
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Daily of the first finance and economics reported Department of Commerce will concern a section together on Feburary 7, draw lessons from international oilThe marketManage experience, oil of work up crude oil, finished product manages the obligation of the enterprise to lay in a system, break out supply and demand of market of incident peace curb to fluctuate with be being answered effectively, stability of oily market of safeguard home crude oil, finished product is supplied.

A few days ago, wang Xiaochuan of vice director of department of reform of commerce of Department of Commerce is in refer " method of finished product oily market control " and " method of crude oil market control " after applying on January 1 this year, this problem speaks of when the further move that Department of Commerce will begin.

Wang Xiaochuan expresses, commerce director branch will continue jointly with concerned branch, accelerate cultivate oily market of domestic crude oil, finished product, continue to deepen current system reform, behavior of competition of oily market of normative crude oil, finished product, guide an enterprise to walk along intensive to change, dimensions changes way.

In fact, after finished product oily terminal market is opened, national hair changes appoint of bureau of the sources of energyOfficialEver also had expressed, want to assume particular oil strategy to lay in obligation by the enterprise, but ensure the enterprise stores the regulation still is being made related petrolic in, ask the reserve dimensions that the enterprise partakes also has not decide.

According to media coverage, national hair changes appoint ever expressed when the oil reserve conference that a surname of official of bureau of the sources of energy founds an army to attended American energy department to sponsor in new orleans on January 30, currentChinaThe oil reserve of enterprise hold basically is used at produce and be being managed, attribute inventory of sex of have enough to meet need, did not build the strategy to lay in contributive force for the country.

National energy resources leads law of group office energy to draft Wu Zhonghu of expert group expert, confirmed on forum of investment of Chinese the sources of energy on Feburary 2, reserve of Chinese nation oil will enter legislation, the hope is a country not only, enterprise also shouldParticipate inCome in.

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