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Last a period of time two years in boat oil is gigantic person of deficient case responsibility got punish. Yesterday morning, national endowment appoint announced in Beijing about in the processing of gigantic deficient incident decides boat oil: Company of group of oil plants of former China aviation (oily group of the boat in abbreviation) long Bin of general manager pod is instructed to resign, former in boat of vise general manager of boat oily group, China is oily (Singapore) limited company (the boat in abbreviation is oily) general manager old long continuous heavy rain by “ double open ” .

Current, chen Jiulin still is in Singapore serve a sentence. Be in newHuman affairsIn appointing and dismissing, in boat oily group is new the general manager of replace of Sun Li of Party committee secretary that assume office one duty, before oily group of the boat in entering, sun Li is medium petro-chemical the general manager with sale company.

Yesterday morning, national endowment appoint in Beijing the processing of gigantic deficient incident decides oil of the boat in announcing, directResponsibilityPerson Chen Jiulin by double leave () of government service of discharge party membership, discharge, the pod that has leader responsibility grows Bin to be instructed to resign. National endowment appoint announced a new occurrences in human life appoints at the same time, the Sun Li of secretary of oily Party committee of the boat in just assuming office replaces pod to grow the position of Bin, of oily group of the boat in becoming hold the post of general manager newly to hold Party committee secretary concurrently.

It is early a year ago, primary court has been opposite Singapore in the party of gigantic deficient incident made boat oil punish, among them, former in vise general manager of boat oily group, former in Chen Jiulin of boat oily general manager is sentenced 4 years of 3 months imprisonment and 335 thousand new yuan of amerce; Former in Lin Zhongshan of financial chief inspector is sentenced to punish before boat is oily 150 thousand new yuan (add up to a RMB about 750 thousand yuan) reach two years of imprisonment; Gu Yan of the trustee before boat is oily flies in, Li Yongji of executive trustee of long Bin of director chairman pod and blame is fined respectively 150 thousand, 400 thousand, 150 thousand new yuan.

It is reported, huge deficient scandal produced boat oil 2004 in. From Chen Jiulin second half of the year began to intervene crude oil futures trades 2003 come to stopped futures of all crude oil to trade on November 30, 2004, in deficit of boat oily accumulative total 550 million dollar. Although subsequently in boat oil is finished recombine avoided to go bankrupt liquidation, but also cause loss of a huge sum to the country.
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