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In boat oil began spec period authority to trade on March 28, 2003. At the beginning of January 2004, boat oilThe priceRise quickly, futures trades occurrence deficit. Pass move twice subsequently dish hind, exasperate speed accelerates loss.

On October 25, 2004, violent wind of international crude price rises to be nodded high to the history of every pails of 55.67 dollars. Xiang Zhonghang oil provided boat oily group in 100 millionDollarLoan, but oil of the boat in also failing to help is avoided grant to be enforced to make the same score a storehouse by bourse.

Come from October 26, 2004 on November 29, boat oil has made the same score the deficit of accumulative total of oil futures contract of the storehouse to restrain 390 million dollar in, and the loss of contract of residual oil futures that will average a storehouse restrains 160 million dollar. Accumulative total deficit 550 million dollar, the biggest scandal in the company outside becoming Chinese lake.

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