Hu Jintao begins to have state visit to south Africa
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On Feburary 6, national chairman Hu Jintao and madam Liu Yongqing are arrived at by private plane than strapping Tuo benefit inferior, begin to have state visit to south Africa. Li Xueren of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

On Feburary 6, national chairman Hu Jintao is comparing the profit that strap Tuo inferior honour guard is inspected when the square before federal large building attends the greeting ceremony that Mubeiji of south Africa president holds.

Hu Jintao of Chinese state chairman arrives at south Africa 6 days to have state visit from Namibia, concern in order to deepen associate of two countries strategy.

During the visit, hu Jintao will hold a talk with Mubeiji's president, consolidate friendship of two countries tradition, enlarge the problem such as collaboration of two countries mutual benefit to compare notes. Hu Jintao still is comparing the profit that strap Tuo inferior the university faces complete Africa youth to address.

Chinese government and people ever supported south Africa people for a long time to object the justice of apartheid struggling, with south Africa people the knot issued deep friendship. In south since establishing diplomatic relations 1998, two countries impact is fast, overall develop. Exchange visits of bilateral high level is frequent, establish strategic associate concerns. In November 2006, mubeiji's president attended Central Africa to peak of cooperative forum Beijing is met and have state visit to China.

China and south Africa cooperate in each domain such as classics trade, science and technology, culture achievement plentiful and substantial, keep close in international general affairs negotiation and cooperate. South Africa is China in the commerce associate with important Africa, came in January 2006 November, bilateral trading business volume is 88. 300 million dollar, grow 34 compared to the same period. 5 % . South Africa is to admit one of Chinese tourist's most Africa countries, citizen of 40 thousand much China was gone to 2005 south travel. Activity of large culture of ” of travel of south Africa of · of “ perception China succeeded in south Africa last year hold, cause enthusiastic echo.
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