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Xi Jinping of secretary of Zhejiang provincial Party committee was saving period recently appoint the speech on held plenary session, hit the mark with a single comment the character that anti-corruption defeats to be like mountain-climbing hard in China. He says, the potentate in the hand, “ of rack one's brains searchs the person that often become have ulterior motives easily the boy or girl friend that hires ” . Believe in of “ some cadre eats a dot to drink a dot, appreciating point happy point is normal human feelings, should not blunder only by accident, do not do big corruption, have bit of indisposition, textural also is met good-tempered, excuse. Be the psychology of harmless ’ of bar of this kind of ‘ , let them loosen ego tie slowly, defect is jumped over in ’ of ‘ Wen Shui deeper, hard extricate oneself. ”

This is 53 years old, ever held the position of a governor in Fujian, in the Communist Party of China 16 big hind of the Xi Zhongxun of patriarch of the Communist Party of China that takes up the post of secretary of Zhejiang provincial Party committee child still say, want to kiss business to love business, but should notice proper limits for speech or action. “ the world does not have free lunch, want careful with eat, careful person of the same trade, careful work in the same placing, learn to wrap ’ of fair ‘ black face even, when should refusing, be about to refuse, be not mixed by favor face place is tired. ”

At the beginning of this month, zhang Dejiang of secretary of Guangdong provincial Party committee saves all circles of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to fasten the speech on commissarial informal discussion in Guangdong, pointed out likewise the place of a lot of problems. He says, I should go to “ which villages and towns goes, want which county, be afraid the thing can have preparation first, I can see may not true condition, hear true word. The official is become more greatly, leave common people easily further. You (committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) understand basic level masses most, this is your distinct advantage. ”

The Zhang Dejiang that is 60 years old appeals survey of much development of commissioner of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on the meeting accordingly, supervise provincial Party committee and province government to advocate policy of ” of “ harmonious Guangdong about compose fulfil a circumstance.

Be in Shanghai, the delegate of National People's Congress of Shanghai also reached the job of anti-corruption initiate cheap of municipal government to express aspiration to municipal Party committee. Delegates of a few National People's Congress were in Shanghai a few days ago when “ accepts media to interview after end of two meetings ” , express, the conference ended, “ government the act of anti-corruption initiate cheap to citizen acceptance, also ought to pay attention to can develop continuously, ten million cannot become ’ of ‘ dud cheque. ” occupies a story, multinomial and newest public opinion poll shows, ” of cheap of “ anti-corruption initiate is one of topic for discussions that Shanghai person pays close attention to most. According to not complete count, through “ of Shanghai of interconnection gateway heart two meetings ” reachs the netizen that opposes corrupt progress to already exceeded 1.5 million person-time.
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