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Tao Ke (23 years old, the home is in Chongqing) Sichuan academy of fine arts is big 4 students, his Spring Festival and in former years are different this year. Because, he takes girlfriend Zhou Yiyuan for the first time (22 years old, the home is in Zhengzhou) excellent in spend the New Year.

More excited is his parents, urge him to take a girlfriend to come home early spend the New Year, make them organic also can see prospective daughter-in-law. Maternal in advance of Tao Ke purchased a lot of special purchases for the Spring Festival, the Zhou Yiyuan that lets first time spend the New Year in male friendly home feels domestic warmth.

Chinese undergraduate comes home this year spend the New Year popular belt male (female) the friend comes home pay a formal visit parents. Previously, the child that parents does not permit to attend a college commonly takes a lover to come home, they change the attitude with evasive former days awkwardness nowadays, invite children to take a friend to come home even spend the New Year.

It is to prohibit before Chinese university of student love, but in recent years policy is changed somewhat, not only allow love, began last year, chinese Ministry of Education make a decision, allow to marry in school undergraduate.

Tao Ke said when accepting our newspaper to interview yesterday, he and girlfriend had gotten along two years, he learns image to design major, girlfriend study animation is professional, everybody be congenial to, get along happy. Two people still travelled to Li Jiang together last year, relation further.

Speak of take a girlfriend to come home spend the New Year, he says: “ without what this is strange. Our parents mind is very open, urge me early to bring back the girlfriend earlier the home spends the New Year. ”

So does the girlfriend's parents agree with her to spend the New Year to boy friend home? Contented answer stalking or branch says: “ although I and her parents had not met, but when understanding a telephone call at ordinary times also say a few words. They know our thing, also do not object her spending the New Year in my home. ”

Liu Mei of student of Chongqing Normal University is in suffer when visitting, speak of all round the reaction that the classmate takes boy friend country to spend the New Year to her. She says: “ is very open on present undergraduate thought, undergraduate marriage also is not what news, more what is more,the rather that the sweet heart that the undergraduate takes him has come home the Spring Festival. What did the classmate all round say. ”

According to " information times " random investigation discovery, it is with Guangzhou university exemple, college of the Humanities a class 49 people, the male girlfriend that 8 people prepare to take his comes home spend the New Year. In this part crowd, proportion of male and female is roughly same, be in the majority with the student of high grade, because this part crowd feels each other feeling is stable, so decision and bilateral parents make farther contact. But, also the parent holds crosscurrent to this. They think, it is OK to talk about love, student affection intelligence is immature, feeling does not stabilize an element too much, and the economic capacity that has not become independent, bring back the home to be vogue early.
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