Protect reporter association: 31 reporters were sentenced in China last year ins
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Protective reporter association expresses, 31 reporters were sentenced in China last year inspect, include " channel times " Chinese presiding specially appointed member Cheng Xiang, additionally 19 people go up to publish a report and be sentenced in the net because of drag in.

News of Hong Kong university and Chen Wanying of chief inspector of medium research center express, chinese media is progressively and open, become commercialize, but still suffer governmental monitoring, although partial person knows examine and verify of use Internet escape, but freedom of information suffers limitative circumstance to do not have fundamental change.

To be being detained reporter at least 19 people are to involve the report that publishs on Internet, chen Wanying expresses, a case that the reporter involves Internet to report and is detained increase, with Chinese Internet development is concerned often with each passing day.

She points out, chinese Internet user grew two than the year before last year last year into half, broadband user rises urgently 4 into, many reporters choose to publish the report that mainstream media does not wish to publish on the net, strengthened control because of this authority concerned.

Although Chinese near future relaxes stage by stage of foreign media interview freedom, but still father accuse domestic medium.

Occupy international pen additionally to be able to disclose, the “ international pen that holds in Hong Kong first is met 2007 ” of Asia-Pacific area conference, the likelihood has writer of many 20 China to cannot be attended.

This meeting says, invited member of many 30 China to attend the meeting to Hong Kong in all, but authorities pays close attention to concerned matters concerned quite, send travel visa with refus, give character to threaten even wait for gimmick to prevent a writer to leave the country, finally will only 15 people can go to Hong Kong smoothly.

International pen can condemn Beijing strongly, prohibit including “ Zhang Yi mixes one of authors of ” of 8 big banned book wait for a writer to go to Hong Kong, and meeting vice-chairman Yu Jie criticizes pen of the Chinese writer that attends successfully, independent Chinese, the hitting that authorities publishs freedom to character treat of is pressed serious with each passing day.

Beijing near future is in Chinese part area, to Taiwan the network edition lift a ban of two the biggest paper, the netizen can read the electron when “ is medium to sign up for ” and ” of network of “ combination news with getting online.

Taiwan land appoint can express to welcome, think this is the response with a positive obverse side.

Chinese problem observes the home thinks, this is Beijing before holding the Olympic Games 2008, reveal Beijing general to the whole world in news and free speech the respect is opened further.
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