"Harmonious " wind blast blast blow
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Before annual before the Spring Festival, chinese media most the news of peasant worker worker that often reports, worked hard one year namely even deplorable go chasing after the news that demands back pay. Nowadays, play “ tune greatly in whole society under ” wind, official and employer show “ human nature to change the one side of ” in succession, the specially before the section is national economy and enterprise outstanding achievement to make contributive farmer be versed in express one's thanks to presents his compliment to these.

Liu Zhijun of minister of Chinese railway ministry the day before yesterday the late night reached Beijing west station with respect to specially more at 11 o'clock, for Beijing first Chun Yunnong's laborer returns see sb off of countryside special train, of the person of the same trade still have Beijing liaison man appoint the leader such as director Zhao Wenzhi.

This is the first special train that Beijing drives travel, passenger to be versed in for the farmer entirely, according to " legal evening paper " report, worker worker of many on the train 1260 peasant comes from building site of construction of the station austral Beijing entirely. Controller of a of this building site old surname discloses: “ nearly 2000 workers on this building site are to come from Hubei almost of 10 lasher, a batch of this when go 1200 much people Ruan Xi county comes to 60% above. This the farmer is versed in the train ticket of the special train gives money by the company entirely. ”

Before the car on peasant worker worker, city federation of trade unions still served “ ” of great gift bag, within has orange, biscuit, preserved fruit, beer, playing card to wait, those who accompany them to spend 24 hours is itinerary.

According to the report, the peasant worker worker that authorities also will be the key such as airport of project of Beijing Olympic Games, capital to build a project drives a special train that return country.

On the other hand, did Chengdu of Sichuan provincial capital build contractor thundercloud friend to spend Yao of addiction of more than yuan of 20 heir the day before yesterday? More than 10000 new yuan) hold a group to visit and first-class staff commends congress, on the construction site of on 1000 square metre banquet opens 175 desks, fete follower the 2600 peasants worker worker of 6 building site.

According to " Chengdu evening paper " report, so large-scale fete laborer has a group year the meal still is belonged to in Sichuan province first. Thundercloud friend of 42 years old was 1986 high school graduation works alone, the employee that can organize oneself is round year, he says: “ because I once was them a among them, just say I develop more any better than them now, but the hardship that I know very well them. ”“ although I can go to today, but I do not think I am taller than them first-class. ”
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