Chen Shuibian adjusts a country to bring systematic occurrences in human life
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Overnight of Taiwan president Chen Shuibian announces suddenly to adjust a country to install a system to weigh adult matter, hill of Chen Tang of secretary-general of presidential government office, country installs meeting secretary-general Qiu Yiren intermodulation of two people post; The country installs adviser of strategy of government office of president of change to another post of director Xue Shi Min, vacancy is observed by Chen Shuibian the country of for a long time installs bureau deputy director general to make benefit bless preferment.

When 319 pop record producing before Taiwan president general election 2004, the secretary-general of presidential government office at that time is Qiu Yiren.

In when the electron signs up for a report, chen Shuibian was in a few days ago fine when justice county rises the lake enters an activity, wrote “ my general rises ” 4 words, the political field smell out is flat reappear the flavour of power over major issues of all corners of the country, heavy strike with the palm of the hand; Analyst believes, qiu Yiren cook again holds the position of secretary-general of presidential government office, be flat the first pace that rise. Prospective president government office not only always operate dish of center be presidential primary election, general election, flat more the resourcefulness Qiu Yiren of have the aid of, dissolve the dual crisis on judicatory and political power, ensure Chen Shuibian is flat at the same time flat after times still has the largest force.

Last year on May 31, flat break valuable assistant Ma Yongcheng, Lin Jinchang oneself, declare him to already was restricted to shrink to the society presidential power; At the moment the Qiu Yiren with adept and doughty reinstate grows for aides and staff, proving power transfer to a lower level already was all in vain talks, flat the haze that already shook off the case such as state confidential cost temporarily, take power alone afresh.

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