Chinese take an examination ofing grinds upsurge drops in temperature first
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Wang Gang (22 years old) it is Chengdu university computer the department is large 4 students, he plans to attend originally this year graduate student matriculation, but arrived in front of abandoned however. With what he abandons together still Sichuan saves 1163 examinee of other university.

Last 10 years the matriculation of Chinese graduate student that high temperature does not decrease, appear first this year the phenomenon that drop in temperature. 2007, chinese take an examination ofing grinds sign up for 1.28 million, grew 0.5% only compared to the same period, and the increase rate that goes 10 years is maintained all the time in 20% above. This year, and other places of Sichuan, Shanghai explodes piece one's deceased father grind the message that the number declines.

Wang Gang expresses, abandoning studying grinding matter is to think breakfast works, accumulate working experience. He says: “ applies for a job now, what want above all is working experience, the job grinds 3 years 3 years than reading more substantial. Because read,grind 3 time tuition has nearly 40 thousand yuan of RMB (similarly hereinafter, 8000 new yuan) , but good job can be found after this can not make sure I graduate. ”

Year after year of graduate student salary drops

Current, the undergraduate students salary that Chengdu graduates every are mean monthly go to 1000 yuan for 800 yuan (160 to 200 new yuan) , the firewood since the graduate student is 1500 yuan (300 new yuan) . Because graduate student amount increases substantially, will appear this year the trend that year after year of graduate student salary drops.

Shi Shengli of general manager of Chongqing trend science and technology says when accepting our newspaper to interview: “ last year our invite applications for a job two graduate students, their salary is a lot of higher than the undergraduate students, but it is good that in working actually, we discover their ability does not compare an undergraduate students how many. This year, we won't provoke a graduate student again, the undergraduate students went. ”

Previously, most enterprise expects employee diploma has been jumped over higher, this kind of state of mind is changed somewhat nowadays. Now, the company is admitted and assess the actor of low quality of an employee, still basically see the working ability of their oneself, and as in recent years the graduate student's grow in quantity, graduate student the difference of the stuff that with its he does not have graduate student record of formal schooling is more and more unidentified also show.

Enlarge action brings about quality to drop

Be in China, the graduate student learns 3 years commonly, graduate through exam and paper ability. Because Bibenkesheng reads 3 years of books more, the quality that says a graduate student according to manage should be higher than the undergraduate students. But the value that why meets occurrence graduate student substantially Where is the phenomenon of shrink?
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