Kongfu of little Lin Zhen of Shaolin Temple rescue
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Shaolin Temple of Henan fleabane hill is being rescued with all one's strength little forest traditional kongfu, the plan uses time of 10 years, use the method of modern science and technology such as kinescope, photograph, smooth dish adequately, build “ little Lin Wu to hide ” , be collected with what this abounds little Lin Gongfu and inheritance system.

According to Hong Kong " big bulletin " report, little Lin Gongfu more than kinds 360, current and only 100 a variety of is in Shaolin Temple is saved circulate. “ little Lin Wu hides ” is the little Lin Gongfu form of article of to in an attempt to actually the data is saved together, in order to offer later generations according to save the graph article data that rise to have a practice.

Inside the Cang Jingge that existence Shaolin Temple basically protects before little Lin Gongfu, in last few years, soar as Shaolin Temple fame, traditional little Lin Gongfu more and more be loved by people. In Shi Yongxin abbot take seriously below, shaolin Temple begins to be opposite little forest traditional kongfu undertakes spontaneity rescue is mixed arrange.

Last year in September, shaolin Temple establishs ” of atelier of “ little Lin Gongfu, expedite connoisseur of the wushu inside 18 temples to undertake arranging to little Lin Gongfu, mining. Among them composition of child of home of a group of You Shaolin common, go to folk to search, collect existing little Lin Gongfu, by kongfu profound fierce monk is comprised another group, will collect the result method that come to cover classify to arrange.

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