Cruel father sends her daughter completely naked picture
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Father sends daughter gift to be able to have a lot of kinds of choices, nevertheless father of a cruel breaks out Taiwan however conception, the choice sends a daughter his completely naked oil painting when the gift. Read tall the daughter of 3 not merely very happy, the fellow student that still is bringing oneself sees an exhibition at the same place.

According to Dongsen news signs up for a report, the father of this thought avant-courier is to be engaged in paper kind the entrepreneur Chen Ruifu of imports and exports, 47 years old, height 184 centimeter.

Chen Ruifu says: I love “ very much my daughter, I like my daughter, but unluckily occasionally, my daughter loves run not quite I, let me feel very dejected, I want to say, leave something to let her should commemorate it may not be a bad idea. ”

Report, chen Ruifu misses bold attempt all the time, it is the madam does not wish by every means, spent time of two years, chen Ruifu just persuades a success. For this naked picture, fitness of Chen Ruifu specially 2 weeks, spent 4 months to just be made again finish.

A few days ago, the picture is made in Taipei nimble carry ave exhibits, the daughter still is taking a classmate to view and admire. Chen Ruifu says: The youth's idea does not know “ now how, but the age with us, I think we can have this kind of feeling, be a strange father! ”

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