Appearance of Beijing punish city greets an Olympic Games
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To produce image of healthy Beijing Olympic Games, the appearance that Beijing authorities plans punish “ chaos to spit chaos to throw ” and strengthen administrative dope.

To spitting everywhere person, authorities will give highest RMB 50 yuan (about 10 new yuan) punishment; And eve is held in the Olympic Games, authorities may become whole town drug taking the person of addiction, box up entirely poison of compulsive give up, time is the longest can be as long as a year.

According to report of Xinhua News Agency, say on the press conference that capital civilization does director Zhang Huiguang to be in center of news of Beijing Olympic Games to hold yesterday, relatively at at present Chinese consumption level, amerce can is opposite 50 yuan the action that chasten reachs since the person that spit everywhere. She says, amerce is not 50 yuan important, the important person that depend on letting be punished feels dishonour, be touched, get caution.

Zhang Huiguang says, beijing will act at developing 5 old culture this year, plus the leverage that economy punishs, the person that believes Beijing spits everywhere can decrease, the civilized quality of the urban culture degree of Beijing and citizen can get promotion.

Ceng She poisonous casino will hang special mark

Occupy additionally " new capital signs up for " report yesterday, beijing public security bureau disclosed a few days ago, since this day, beijing area Ceng She's poisonous public place of entertainment, prominent place will be pensile special mark, execute different grade management pattern with other public place of entertainment. This year, experience poison public place of entertainment will continue to be restricted high to punish, close down is rectified 3 to 6 months, media exposure is carried inside 24 hours.

Report, the person of new-style to suck drugs, be discovered for the first time, write down blacklist; Be discovered the 2nd times, will be regarded as addiction personnel poison of compulsive give up, poisonous time limit of compulsive give up will be lengthened by original half an year to a year.

Last year annual, beijing investigates experience poison in all public place of entertainment 38, hunt down personnel of the drug taking inside the place 345, 11 are rectified by close down, 2 are banned.

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