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Disturbance of ” of freedom of learning of interpose of “ of Hong Kong reappear, incident leading role sticks to his argument. Teach the Hong Kong of leave one's post academic vice-president Liu Hong radical, to Li Guozhang of director of bureau teaching all etc is curule put forward to accuse; And Li Guozhang refutes excitedly: “ does not have its thing. ”

Incident origin involves “ actually two battlefront ” , include Hong Kong to teach a courtyard whether the name is an university, and when currently holding the post ofpresident Mo Li, mix vice-president land grand base whether renew the contract. For this student teaching a courtyard ever was held fair cast, liang Guohui of chairman of bureau of 86% pairs of trustee teaching a courtyard sends distrust bill.

Headmaster teaching a courtyard is met yesterday to sit a meeting, country of meeting the later Liang dynasty brightness express, already supported a school to reach the resolution of academic freedom ” independently through “ , before deciding to be in year apply for formally to bureau teaching all, the name is an university.

Additional, the headmaster also can spread out global invite applications for a job, choose new president is replaced when obtaining the Mo Li that renew the contract. And can assure to the headmaster when Mo Li, before having no replace person, assure to teach a courtyard to be run normally.

Make in Liang Guohui about after announcing before long, liu Hong radical also holds a press conference, condemn instructs all bureau high level the official, disclose about curule Ceng Xiangmo apply when the ceremony pressure, the requirement fires 4 to ever criticized Hong Kong to teach the teaching and administrative staff of reform.

He says, experiencing governmental intervention school for the first time is in June 2004, one batch above quota teacher (get the air) sit-down, and the telephone call that he receives Li Guozhang, the requirement teachs a courtyard to make a statement, condemn what block up of sit quietly teacher holds that day to teach a courtyard graduation present.

“ I am very polite at that time the ground says to the director, do not be opposite, I can not give a such statement, two batches are our student. He says: ‘ don't you agree to publish, I can remember, you can pay price. ’” Liu Hong base appearance, receive such phone to make him comparative astonish, need for some time to just can digest the concussion in the center.

He says then, had a few years 56 times at least in the past, curule telephone call ever was gotten when Mo Li, the requirement fires the teaching and administrative staff of educational reform of a few criticism.

“ every time our colleague publishs an article in the press, later 9 days have such phone to be hit. ” but he emphasizes this official is not Li Guozhang, come to be denied then already of assistant director of transfer cheap office before teach Luo Fan of secretary-general of all bureau permanant fragrance of any of several hot spice plants, he does not admit to also be not denied.
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