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The person that China has religious belief amounts to 300 million person, this is 3 times of official statistic number. And the person of devotional religion is younger than in the past also.

The conclusion that after the professor Tong Shijun that this is Shanghai Hua Dong Normal University and Liu Zhong Yu are investigated to 4500 people, reachs.

According to the government " China Daily " report, investigation shows, there is 31.4% in the Chinese of 16 years old of above, namely about 300 million person thinks he has religious belief, differ with official figure very far. Press official statistic, the number that has religious belief is maintained for years in 100 million person.

According to investigation, among them buddhism of belief of about 200 million person, Taoism or it is the god in adoring the folklore such as the Dragon King and mammon, 66.1% in the person that occupy all devotional religion.

And the number of devotional christian already added 40 million person significantly, 12% of the person that be equivalent to total devotional religion. When 2005, official view is, have christian of belief of 16 million person, 90 time end has the century on 10 million person.

Notable is, the person of devotional religion is compared before young, the religion of 62% is devotional person the age uprights at 16 to 39 years old, having 9.6% only is 55 years old of above.

The religion of 24.1% is devotional person say, “ religion is them how-to the road ” of life, the religion of additionally 28% is devotional person say, “ religion helps them treat slight illness, avoid calamity, ensure life is great ” .

According to the report, professor Liu Zhongyu that first main religion of responsible China investigates says: This kind of feeling is in “ the village is particularly global. ”

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