Heyuan City tobacco control requires identification of tobacco control areas
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Old city gate to set the tobacco control identifies a certain Internet cafe. It is understood, cafes, small hotels and other "small" industry unit's tobacco control efforts is difficult. Fu photo reporter Florence WASHINGTON Recently, the city issued the "Notice on strengthening tobacco control efforts" ("the Notice"), requires departments at all levels to do well in tobacco control smoking logo no smoking areas must be set to prohibit the placing ashtrays not To leave cigarette butts. "Notice" that the tobacco control areas, including: offices, meeting rooms and office building lobbies, elevators and other places, schools, hotels, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, cafes, bars, cafes, public bathhouses, barber Shops, beauty shops, theaters, video halls (rooms), recreation hall (room), dance halls, concert halls, stadiums (Museum), galleries, museums, art galleries, libraries, shopping malls (stores), bookstores, hospitals, car Station, Railway station, banks and other window units, public transport and other possible outdoor work places. "Notice" requirement, the smoking of tobacco control must be set to identify the places, can not be placed ashtrays, can not have cigarette butts, conditional Units and places the screen scrolling to the use of electronic smoking slogans. City health town to do the relevant person in charge of national health tobacco control work is an important city inspections and checks one of the items. At present, tobacco control in public places in urban areas is still relatively weak, with national health standards require a greater city Gap. People throw cigarette butts are rife, especially in Internet cafes, small hotels and other "small" industry unit of tobacco control work in place, indoor smoke heavy, and some tobacco control sites also placed ashtrays, no cigarette butts on the ground A timely cleaning, these are the "health town" caused a certain influence. In response to these phenomena, "notice" requirement at all levels and departments to raise awareness, grasp firmly grasp fine in this area, the system, the department's tobacco control efforts and the respective competent guidance of tobacco control in public places, inspection and supervision Promotion of smoking in public places, in time to be discouraged; the relevant departments should strengthen the management and investigation of tobacco advertising, tobacco advertising that cleared up, to ensure that the urban area without tobacco advertising, to create healthy work and students Living and leisure environment.
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