The whole people is fried open an account hot
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Liu Zhen

The drawing near that feels 3000 a little bit as the index and A open an account the number is hot with each passing day, forecast inside course of study come loose newly a period is coming.

On January 15, a new open an account the number is 59 thousand; On January 16, 17 days, this number is climbed all the way rise 65 thousand, if investor swarms into A like tidewaterThe stock marketField. On January 22, shanghai is deep of two city clinch a deal the quantity already achieved the day volume of 150 billion.

An interesting phenomenon is, the deal that faces such mint trades quantity, in the investor that a week opens an account recently the great majority in forming is individual investor.

The market is rising a batch to be gifted gradually come loose newly the investment crowd of a feature.

“ and former capital is measured tens of thousands of to ten, of crowd of the old age in enclothing medicinal powder door different, coming loose newly in what form echelon formation at present a crowd it is by what have certain knowledge capacity youth or middle class are comprised. Their common characteristic is financing volume probably from tens of thousands of to on 1 million, they often study the research of each orgnaization reports, care PB or PE. But, they still are to be in passivity to accept position to the information of the stock market, still do not have real stock to study method and ability, they won't have the consequence effect of dominant to the market. Business of ” some certificate studies the personage thinks.

The whole people fries a times

Add newly those who open an account basically is individual investor. According toChinaNegotiable securities registers the data that computational company publishs, on January 15 —18 day, the orgnaization opens an account to be added newly open an account to have 300—400 only everyday door, in day all of 60 thousand new opening an account is an odd only in portion.

“ is fried not, buy fund? ” is imperceptible, talk about similarly become public topic, be in likewise imperceptible in, chinese security market anotherThe historyThe record was born: Up to on January 18, 2007, shanghai is deep number of two city account achieves eighty million and forteen thousand seven hundred, among them individual investor account seventy-three million four hundred and eighty-six thousand six hundred, orgnaization investor three hundred and sixty-six thousand five hundred.
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