Virus of panda burn joss sticks atttacks 1000 websites
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After turning over poisonous personnel to anatomize ” virus in “ , inside discovery leave a message. Liu Jun of our newspaper reporter is photographed

PandaExpression of virus of burn joss sticks (data picture)

Torturous network of ” of “ panda burn joss sticks is safe

Capital times reported this is the mad tide that virus of a computer spreads on January 26. In the time of two many months, millions computer user is coiled will go in, that foolish condition but the “ panda ” of Jing Xiang of Ju, nod is divided and endless, become the memory like people nightmare.

Turn over virus engineers to name it for “ Nimuya ” . It still has a ” of commonner burn joss sticks of name ———“ panda. It is rapid and reincarnate hundreds kinds, inbreak ceaselessly individualComputer, affect portal website, …… of system of smash industry data its spread examine orally is worn the public safety of the network, caused the have a trial of strength of ” of path of the “ in a fictitious world and “ demon ” at the same time.

Turn over virus engineer and folk to turn over virus personage to be devoted into in succession among them.

On January 19, a ” of newest “ panda burn joss sticks is varietalVirusAppear. Virus author alleges, this will be last time of ” of “ panda burn joss sticks is updated.

Did the argue of two many months end this last a period of time?

“ honey discovers virus in coal tub ”

On November 14, 2006, headquarters of company of ZhongGuanCun luck star 14 buildings.

A flock of computer that turn over virus engineer to isolate round stage and one network. Move as rat punctuation, hundreds panda icon appears on screen. This is the virus that engineers captured that day, name for “ Nimuya ” .

History 瑀 is group of virus of ministry of research and development of lucky star company turn over virus engineer. He everyday work even if, with tens of names associate catchs the virus that circulates on the net together, tear open virus “ ” to leave next, after studying its interior structure, upgrade the virus library of lucky star.
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