Bamboo Lan Duo -- natural bamboo fiber
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Very long a long time ago, one is living to call Bai La Bader's hunter in Taiwan is old and beautiful life pool, he sends clear bamboo balsa with clever wisdom, what still discovered bamboo is antiseptic surprise effect, this caused the attention of people. And Bai La cling to first ancestor of cure of the bamboo that be by address sb respectfully. Then culture of bamboo predestined relationship begins … from here…

Bamboo Lan Duo, very elegant name. Nowadays, this kind of healthy zoology product is in bamboo fiber in the life of people by apply extensively, and the product of bamboo fiber zoology that just of bamboo Lan Duo carries health of research and development, brought new life concept for broad consumer, bring people to be enjoyed with elegant and comfortable life.

County of bamboo Lan Duo has international the technical equipment of foremost end, taiwan the Gaoshan nationality living in Taiwan province particular home spins engineering technology to introduce the mainland, built processing factory of large bamboo fiber respectively in Sichuan and other places, formed China's biggest bamboo fiber research and development, production to machine base. Bamboo Lan Duo with 3-4 year the bamboo fiber that natural bamboo is spun through innovation technology energy and goes out is raw material, the bamboo ecology health that uses its to the feature of the natural, green, function that fights bacterium, clear heat and natural faint scent is made and become health tastes the way that leads people to move toward good health.

Bamboo fibrous is hygroscopic, put hat of the wet sex, sex that appear oxygen absolutely each are big first of fiber, and softness of bamboo fiber feel, colour shines beautiful, withy wearability is strong etc, so the bedding such as the sheet that it makes, mat not only intensity is caustic of good, wear-resisting, soft Hua Shuang, and can give a person the sense with wintry warm Xia Liang, person breathe freely in what when Xia Qiu season is used, can feel special, cool, and can feel when wintry spring section is used its already fleeciness and comfortable can remove the redundant steam inside body and moisture again, not suffer from excessive internal heat, do not send dry, expert it seems that decent, elegant and not common, be praised the zoology home that can breathe for “ spins ” .

The compound fighting oxygen in bamboo element can increase airframe immunity capacity significantly, and have moist skin and combat the fatigue, biology effect that combats consenescence. And penetrable rate is bamboo fibrous ultraviolet ray extremely, far the penetrable rate of the penetrable rate under cotton, the anion that it produces can stop ultraviolet ray effectively the radiate to human body, won't produce any stimulation to the skin. So, the household that bamboo fiber makes is taken, underwear not only quality of a material is good, dress is comfortable, and the immune power that can enhance people airframe in the round, have the effect of natural health protection, still can reduce ab extra radiant to invade, make the 2nd defend for the body protective screen.
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