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Machine tool of “ numerical control is level of machine tool industry reflect, the mainstream product that also is market of Chinese machine tool and the focus that manufacturer of global machine tool competes. Some closer year come, the difference of speed of development of machine tool of homebred numerical control and quality and foreign developed country not only did not narrow, certain respect is pulled instead big. The home market that imports numerical control machine tool is had lead this a few years taller and taller, meanwhile, the price that imports machine tool of high-grade numerical control rises ceaselessly, grow this, market of numerical control machine tool will by foreign business monopoly, safety of industry of industry of our country machine tool is browbeaten necessarily. ” the reporter is interviewed in machine tool industry recently, the personage inside course of study shows deep anxiety to the development of industry of our country machine tool.

4 big bottleneck

The expert points out, own innovation ability is not worth industry of our country machine tool is the main reason that creates difference of existence of as advanced as abroad level, accelerate own innovation ability to shorten only this difference.

Analysis of Li Dongru of vice director of department of job of science and technology of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference thinks, on the whole, machine tool industry basically puts in 4 big bottleneck to restrict in own innovation respect:

The first, the own innovation consciousness of the enterprise still needs to rise. A lot of enterprises study to fundamental technology the understanding of importance is insufficient; In the meantime, enterprise and outside especially the information of orgnaization of relevant scientific research is communicated very finite also, what if be opposite,the circumstance of the respect such as ability of university scientific research knows is very little, seldom pay close attention to even.

The 2nd, development capital throws inadequacy, the scientific research funds of the enterprise is limited. The scale that investment of research and development of machine tool business takes company sales revenue is compared commonly low. One kind is adopted to compare pair of standards when new product is developed like some enterprises, perhaps consult go developing a few products, and the research of a few early days that should do originally and experiment are lacked badly.

The 3rd, our country did not form the own innovation system of complete unobstructed. For instance university, academy place and enterprise, produce the innovation mechanism that learns to grind to be united in wedlock to was not straightened completely, face the research and development that uses the level to be weakened greatly truly especially. Will tell to the enterprise, the level is developed in the product, a lot of enterprises take out many capital and funds to entrust an university to combine research and development to tackle key problem hard.
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