Knowledge of cancer of the stomach
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Cancer of the stomach is to point to happen in the stomach the malignant tumor of epithelial tissue. Clinical and inchoate 70% above are without a symptom, in obstacle of block of haemorrhage of ache of terminal occurrence epigastrium, enteron, perforative, pylorus, angular, lack of power, metabolization and cancer are swollen the corresponding symptom that diffuses to transfer and be caused, any ages all can happen, with 50 - 60 years old are in the majority, of incidence of a disease of male and female than be 3.2 - 3.6: 1.
Cancer of the stomach has a disease to hide, inchoate often leak because of having apparent symptom examine, easy move and recrudesce, the characteristic such as prognostic difference.
Incidence of a disease of our country cancer of the stomach is high, its mortality takes the first place of all sorts of malignant tumor again, accordingly, cancer of the stomach is the common disease of health of people of our country of a serious harm, should cause take seriously.
A place of strategic importance of painful, choke and stomach turn over the Fu Liang that cancer of the stomach belongs to a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to learn, accumulation, gastral cavity wait for a category.

▲ pathogeny learns
The happening of cancer of the stomach has two big critical factors.
It is individual element, also namely constitutional element; Be like: In element of ① blood type, a blood incidence of a disease is high; ② cancer of the stomach has a family to collect a gender; ③ spirit element; ④ suffers from gastritis of chronic and atrophic sex, gastric ulcer, the disease such as gastric polyp.
2 it is environmental element; Be like: The microelement in element of ① chemical sex is lacked or exorbitant, SO4-2 of the Gao Han in water and / or salt of Se nitric acid kind wait; Element of ② microbial pollution, wait for pollution like fungus, bacterium; ③ food element, be like often edible is fresh vegetable, fruit and albumen kind food has protective effect, and feed tall starch, heavy salt more, bloat the be soiled, food that fume scamper and bad food behavior.

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