Spring carry railroad: Can appear after predicting 6 days on Feburary 10 passeng
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Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on Feburary 4 report (reporter Liu Shiping) railway ministry spring carry office says 4 days about chief, chun Yunqian passenger flow of two days of railroad is overall and smooth, after predicting 6 days on Feburary 10, railroad can appear passenger flow small height, predicted to send a guest that day 3.739 million person-time. After this passenger flow will go tall continuously, before 13 days show a red-letter day to 16 sunrise highest peak.

This chief says: “ no less than forecasts before this in that way, spring use is first two days (on Feburary 3, 4 days) guest discharge maintains railroad to be controlled in 3.3 million person-time, passenger flow is overall and smooth. Outside removing Guangzhou zone, did not appear to grow a phenomenon considerably, maintain move and the volume that the corresponding period kept balance basically last year. Railroad branch opens a prep above of the train that arrive a passenger last year the corresponding period 10% above. Grow ceaselessly as passenger flow, railroad branch will continue to increase the amount that arrive a passenger, satisfy passenger requirement with the greatest ability. ”

He says, current student sheds primary end, start as what the laborer flows, this kind of mild current will go very quickly, predict railroad will appear on Feburary 10 passenger flow small height, before 13 days show a red-letter day to 16 sunrise highest peak.

Railway ministry spring the data of carry office cloth shows, guangzhou area passenger flow is at present larger, appear to grow considerably compared to the same period. On Feburary 3, guangzhou station sends a guest 134 thousand person-time, grow 18.3% compared to the same period; Guangzhou east station 61 thousand person-time, grow 23.4% compared to the same period.

The reporter passes through a railway ministry 4 days afternoon spring the electronic image supervisory system that carry runs installation sees, inside the hall of carry out ticket such as station of Beijing station, Beijing west station, Guangzhou, the number that buy a ticket compares apparent former days increase, already discharged before some wicket mouths removed “ to grow dragon ” . This is meant, will not a few days give the passenger of travel to will increase considerably through railroad

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