The egg is newest function of 5 great health care
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In recent years, the home and medical home are opposite domestic and international dietetics value and sanitarian function had the nutrition of the egg to be commented newly. Wraparound rise, basically have 5 sides.
The egg is the natural food of human ideal, but eating a law to go up to also should notice science. To old people, eat an egg to answer in order to boil, lie, evaporate, swing had better. Because of decoct, fry, although scamper is delicious. But relatively digest hard. After if process the egg,becoming salty egg, its contain calcic quantity to be able to increase apparently, can increase 512 milligram by the 55 milligram of every 100 grams, it is 10 times of bright egg about, particularly appropriate at osteoporosis in old people edible.
The function of 5 great health care of the egg
It is to defer consenescence. The egg contains human body the nurture of almost all need is qualitative, reason is called the nutrient library ” of “ ideal by people. Dietetics home says for ” of mode of “ complete protein, one of prolong life experience of many macrobian old people, eat an egg surely everyday namely. Medicinal foods of a lot of preserve one's health that our country folk circulates also cannot leave an egg. For example, the tuber of multiflower knotweed cooks an egg, the egg boils pig head, egg congee is waited a moment.
2 it is beneficial of be good at head wisdom. 3 fat, cholesterol mixes the lecithin in gallinaceous yoke, glycerine yolk element. Right neurological have very big effect with body development. After lecithin is digested by human body, can release a choline, choline can reach a head through blood inside. The intelligence that can avoid old people thereby ebbs, ameliorable the memory of each age group, accordingly, no matter be teenage, medium still senile, want to carry good memory, want to ate 9 eggs to go everyday only.
3 it is protective liver. The protein in the egg organizes injury to have repair effect to liver. The lecithin in yoke can promote the second birth of liver cell. Still can increase amount of albumen of human body plasma, enhance the metabolization function of human body and function of hare epidemic disease.
4 it is arteriosclerosis of prevention and cure. The home and medical worker use American dietetics the egg will prevent and cure arterial congee appearance is sclerotic, achieved the breathtaking result that makes a person unexpected, they extract lecithin from inside egg, walnut, pork liver, give everyday suffer from cardiovascular patient to eat 4 one 6 spoon. After 3 months, serum cholesterol of the patient falls from 1000% milligram 180% milligram. This studies positive result, get the attention of world medicine bound. Each country is used at with this law in succession clinical, all achieve satisfactory result.
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