The minister tries batch spring carry complains a phone to encounter awkwardness
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New wall bulletin reported on Feburary 6 the day before yesterday, station of Shenzhen collect lake, the Feng Zhenglin of undersecretary of the Ministry of Communication that job of examination spring movement comes to before dialed this station to stick come out spring carry complains a phone, but the person that pick up the telephone says he is a SOHO actually, not be carriage management department. The ability after the Feng Zhenglin that feel puzzled is checked is clear, complain a phone to a number is printed wrong.

“ spring carry or should look from fine point, notice detail. Station resembling a province sends tea to passenger flow very reached the designated position. The guidance that ” Feng Zhenglin saved door of the Ministry of Communication to Guangdong in Guangzhou yesterday is special mention this thing.

He is mirrorred at the same time, somebody tells him, the personnel installing check that visits a station falls everyday midday 6 when came off work partly, after bringing about, passenger baggage cannot have safe examination, put in the leak with apparent move. Province transportation department expresses to will verify a condition to this, improve the service to the passenger.

After examining case of Guangdong spring carry, feng Zhenglin expresses, guangdong serves as what countrywide spring carries to stand for war, “ leaves the bureau is good, the organization is orderly, know fairly well, measure is capable ” . Change in national hair especially appoint, the the Ministry of Communication comes on stage spring carry fare not after rise policy, guangdong takes the lead in announcing part of derate transportation enterprises raises toll of bridge of surtax of travelling expenses, passenger transport, road, decrease break a promise for highway transportation enterprise 600 million yuan, favorable demonstrative effect has in the whole nation.


The each iron railway administration that the railway ministry announces this year spring carry complains a phone:
0451-86429947 of Harbin railroad bureau

024-62027432 of Shenyang railroad bureau, 62025431 (day) ; 62028768, 62025432 (night)

010-51822969 of Beijing railroad bureau (day) ; 51864032 (night)

0351-2692422 of Taiyuan railroad bureau, 2623119

0471-2245224 of Huhhot railroad bureau, 2242832

0371-68323652 of Zhengzhou railroad bureau, 68321139

027-51120953 of Wuhan railroad bureau

029-82321657 of Xi'an railroad bureau

0531-95105865 of Jinan railroad bureau

021-51221022 of Shanghai railroad bureau

0791-7026639 of Nanchang railroad bureau

Guangzhou railroad (group) company 020-61323039, 61323732
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