Before sleeping half hours drink yoghurt best
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Now, drink yoghurt to had become fashion gradually, do not be able to bear or endure to having milk sugar the person of disease, the lactose in yoghurt, fermenting already was decomposed by lactobacillus in the process for lactic acid, won't appear diarrhoea, abdominal distension problem. Nevertheless, to everyday when should be this cup of yoghurt drunk, existing all the time controversy. A lot of people hear of anteprandial cannot drink yoghurt, reason has 2: It is hollow drink yoghurt, the nutrition such as protein becomes branch to be wasted, 2 it is lactobacillus in hydrochloric acid in gastric juice very strong condition falls to be killed, effect of health care of be a hindrance to. Dalian city disease accuses dietetics of association of health care of central director doctor, China to teach Liu Zheng to think, the protein that yoghurt contains accepts the argument of the influence, do not have a basis. The main purpose that the Chinese drinks a milk is filling calcium, calcic won't because of sufferred effect of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and decrease somewhat. Hollow drink yoghurt may not to kill lactobacillus entirely, death of even if lactobacillus is very much, but its nutrition composition does not have a change, its fill calcium and the nutrition with protein complement also won't consequently abate. Liu Jiao awards the introduction, abroad still has a scholar to think, lactobacillus is gone the sanitarian action that does not affect yoghurt, because of the beneficial to human body metabolization that arises by lactobacillus child still is in, they still can produce sanitarian effect to human body.

Professor Liu thinks, no matter normal person drinks yoghurt below what circumstance, won't produce ill effect to the person, need not pester overly go up in hollow problem. Abandon yoghurt because of this problem, very undeserved. If consider calcic absorption utilization rate, no matter be yoghurt, still be milk, compare and character, first-rate is drinkable the opportunity should be before sleeping half hours, this moment is drunk, return the hypnotic and stable effect that can produce a milk.

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