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Modern woman often the bodily form to keep slender, eat lesser and lesser. But whether do you know, eat more to because increase,be met admittedly adipose bring trouble but eat too less to also can cause a lot of worries. The United States studies the report says, the hormone that controls hunger also is opposite at the same time reproductive system is having main effect. Medicine considers to make clear, when eating too less, exceeding reduces weight to have a lot of kinds to the female's harm, cannot ignore.


The woman that reduces weight with hungry law often feels inappetence, bilge gas, bilge painful, this is the omen of gastroptosis likely. Gastroptosis is apparent person common stomach ministry is unwell, full bilge, drop again feeling, after eat, stand or the symptom when overworked is aggravating, have the appearance such as inappetence, disgusting, dyspeptic, constipation. The appearance that has the splanchnic prolapse such as liver, kidney, colon still is accompanied when gastroptosis is serious.


For too poor to weight person, inside body adipose with protein all in short supply, accordingly the hair falls off often, hair color also loses luster gradually. If be on a diet overly, the hair lacks ample nutrient supply, the hair is like those who lack iron to absorb, meet withered and yellow without lustre, final result brings about a large number of lose one's hair necessarily.


Recent investigation and study discovers the United States: The occurence rate of female hipbone fracture with tight system is one times higher than the female of standard weight above. Because the figure crosses inadequacy of level of the estrogen inside thin human body,this is, affect the tie of calcium and bone, cannot maintain normal bone density, appear easily accordingly osteoporosis, produce fracture. The osteoporosis is damage of bone organization microstructure, bone mine composition and the scale such as bone matrix decrease ceaselessly, bring about bone to attenuate, bone brittleness increases and fracture danger is spent elevatory.


Anaemia is a kind of the female's commonnest symptom, concern with a lot of reasons, eat less, lacking nutrition also may be one of reasons. Because nutrition absorbs disequilibrium,make the hematopoiesis material such as B12 of iron, folic acid, vitamin absorbs inadequacy. Eat less, basal metabolis rate also wants than the ordinary person low, because this stomach bowel moves,slower, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is secreted less, affect what nurture pledges to absorb.

Uterine prolapse

Did not have enough and adipose protection, the uterus drops easily from vagina of normal position edge, cervix prolapse, take off even outside stemming from vaginal mouth, form uterine prolapse. Return a likelihood badly to bring about palace neck to affect, even palace neck is phlogistic.
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