Shanghai government office: "Social security case " will deal with by judicatory
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When Jiao Yang of spokesman of Shanghai government news was answering a reporter to quiz here yesterday, express, can very say clearly, after ” of case of “ social security enters judicatory order, will handle affairs lawfully.

Shanghai government office held press conference of before Spring Festival of the traditional Chinese calendar last routine yesterday, the reporter asks about: Two meetings ” announces the Shanghai “ that just ends, ” of case of “ social security already entered judicatory order, be in charge of accepted case share by Shanghai judiciary, future undertakes whether likely publicity cognizance, open media and people be a visitor at a meeting.

To this, jiao Yang replies, can very say clearly, after ” of case of “ social security enters judicatory order, will according to judicatory, handle affairs lawfully, the program that presses judicatory regulation is operated. She expresses, because the case already entered judicatory order, here spokesman of city seat of government also cannot answer pertinent question further.

Can go up in the Shanghai person generation that kicked off on January 28 this year, han Zheng of secretary of representative of municipal Party committee of Shanghai of the Communist Party of China, mayor is in " governmental working report " in with one page length detailed exposure the experience of proposal of capital of “ social security case violate compasses capital already lawfully, full specified amount calls in ” . This one message caused the great attention of Shanghai citizen and public opinion of condition inside and outside.

Go up additionally in Shanghai according to Shanghai procuratorate chief procurator two meetings ” confirms “ , investigating and deal with sb in process of ” of case of “ social security, in appoint body of Shanghai procuratorial work administer inside case limits, right already Shanghai country endowment appoint the 7 people put on record such as Wu Hongmei of former vice director is investigated.

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