Beijing sends statistical forms for reporting statistics without approving any u
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(Reporter Yang Xuecong) yesterday, hair of total fleet of investigation of Beijing of city statistic bureau, national statistic bureau, city changes appoint release " statistic of 915 ” period develops Beijing “ program " , mention expressly clearly: Calamity of bad unconscious rice tastes  of tan1huan4 of ノ of Wei Wei of slash  of  of Gu of  of Ping of honest  official Xing of  of Xi of the obstruct austral Nuo of belch of Tiao of  of fade of fluid of Suo of Ji of ū of Jue of acenaphthene of Ρ of  of  of Hui of ū of ⑼ official ticket is become You of  of analyse of official of  of U danger  looks, the enterprise can reject fill in a form and submit it to the leadership. ”

Previously, this municipal government lacks harmonious mechanism between integrated statistic and sectional statistic, “ number produces phenomenon of ” of much chaos of much door, forms for reporting statistics to happen from time to tome. According to “ statistic of 915 ” period plans, came 2006 2010, statistical branch strives to resolve difference of ability of interference rejection of department of basic level statistic, sectional statistic and governmental statistic information are broken up, statistical vacuum and ” of island of “ resource Gu coexist, mirror socioeconomy to develop the problem such as the circumstance in the round hard.

According to " statistical law " regulation, the standard of data of statistic of farther normative government sector, collect means, collect to treatment, data is generated and release a system, without statistical orgnaization approval, any units all do not get do sth without authorization to make hair statistic etc, statistic of cogent safeguard government counts the scientific sex that occupy, accuracy and authority. In addition, compose builds statistical database system, integrated government statistic and resource of sectional statistic data also are included the order of the day: 28 years, finish the data text that historical data unites memory since 1980 to change; 2010, the exchange that realizes natural resources of information of whole town statistic basically and resource are shared.

According to the requirement of municipal Party committee, municipal government, the inspect of the data center that statistical branch wants to become capital economy society to develop and development of region of whole urban district and industrial development evaluates valence center, want to become the branch with the most authoritative data of whole town statistic. Henceforth, statistical branch will by basically serve for the government to for government, investigation community of unit, society is offerred all-around service change, by basically provide a government macroscopical government information transforms to the information that adds social government and common people attention substantially.
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